Tennis Juniors Turning Pro

Let’s get right into this important information, because I value your time and I know you guys are busy with your schedules.

I used to teach tennis in japan and I saw many players go pro and then just mentally give up on themselves after a few years.

So, today I’ll give you a blueprint to follow and you can then adopt and adapt it for your playing career.

The main goal for every junior should be to get a tennis scholarship and then see how far they can take their competitive career from there.

They should not be thinking about turning pro at all.

Now of course they can make that a goal or a dream.

I have no problems with them doing that, but first things first, get that tennis scholarship.

There are more than 700 college tennis coaches looking for tennis players every year that can come into their programs and make them better.

So if you have the talent and want it bad enough, there is a tennis scholarship out there waiting for you.

I always use John McEnroe as an example, when I’m trying to drive home this point to kids and parents.

“John first went to college and still played in some pro tournaments, then he won the NCAA title and after that, when he saw that staying in school wouldn’t help advance his career and that he was mentally ready to go pro, he left and the rest is history.”

All tennis junior players should have a goal to get a tennis scholarship.

That means some juniors could stay for 3 or 4 years and get their degree, which is even better for their future security.

Again, there are a few exceptions to the rule!!

But here are the facts.

The majority of junior players will be late boomers, “They won’t get a feel for the game and their mental game until the age of 24 or older!!!

Hope that information there can help some of you guys.

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And best of luck to you guys too!!