Swimming Strength and Conditioning

You might be surprised to know though, that the abdomen is at the core of swimming. A lot of the work and power in a swimming stroke comes through there – so any swimming strength and conditioning work needs to focus on that area as well as the more obvious shoulders. Don’t waste time on crunches though, a six pack never got a swimmer a faster time!

Another area where a swimming strength and conditioning programme should focus is on “core stability”. The reason? That are of the body is a big part of things. Have you ever had that feeling you are struggling round the hips and pelvic areas and sinking a little? That is a certainty to slow you down and one area that people new to swimming struggle with. Some improvements here can work wonders.

You can even combine the two ideas by doing some exercises in the pool with the benefits of some water resistance as part of your swimming strength and conditioning plan. It provides a nice warm up before your swim.

The final word has to be variety too, make sure you vary the exercises you do to keep the interest up. Tired body, tired mind goes the saying. It does work the other way round too.