Swim Fast With Less Effort

  • Swim to improve technique, not to get fitter – As contrary as it sounds, the more you focus on how to swim with correct technique and less on improving your fitness the more improvement you will ultimately see. Fitness is important in swimming, but it comes as a result of swimming with correct technique. A mistake which many swimmers make is they train as hard as they can until their stroke breaks down and their technique goes ‘out the window’ so the speak. If you are wondering how to swim and see constant improvement, swim to master your technique rather than become fitter.
  • Repeat the same swimming set for measurable improvement – Repeating a swimming set once a week for 4-6 weeks can allow a swimmer to measure their improvement in speed, times and fitness. An example set would be 10 x 100 meters/yards freestyle on 2 minutes. So the swimmer would do each 100 on 2 minutes and may be taking 1 minute 30 seconds for each 100. The goal would then be to try and reduce that time each week so eventually it may only take the swimmer 1 minute 20 seconds after six weeks.
  • Keep learning – The best swimmers are continually learning. They read the books, watch the underwater videos and always get feedback on how they are doing. If you are interested in how to swim and see constant improvement in speed, swimming technique and fitness, the fastest way is to get the programs which teach it. Copy someone who has done it before and do what they do and you will get what they have.