Serving Under Pressure

Don’t rush through your motion

The mistake that most players make is that, “They don’t want to deal with the pressure, so they tend to rush through their motion”.

This leads to nervous energy and it throws off their serve!!

So, step away from the line for moment and take a deep breath and exhale, then release all the stress, out of your body.

Then do it again, but this time in a more calmer way.

That should help you relax a little better.

After that,

Serve on your terms

Never start your motion until you are relaxed, so if you still feel nervous at all, just step away from the baseline again.

Apologize to your opponent, then take another deep breath and start your motion again.

Serving is away about timing, rhythm and flow.

And the more you do it on your terms, the more self-control, you will feel over any type of situation on court.

This will also give you the mental edge in match play.

Allow your serve to flow

Now you should be emotionally ready to serve.

So let your serve flow.

Never try to force your motion.

Because you will throw off your timing by doing that.

Instead, follow your normal routine and let your service action flow.

Follow those instructions above and you will start dominating your fears in matches.

“Practice these 3 tips in your practice matches and also in your real matches. “

Keep working on these tips too.

Think repeat, repeat and more of the same thing, until your own them.

You want to own these tips, because at the junior level, they can help you rise straight up to the top of the ranking!!

I’ll be honest here with you too.