Reasons to Try Badminton


Badminton allows for a wide range of physical movement, from sprints and jumps to twists and turns. You can play it fast or reasonably slowly and can use a variety of strokes, which gives the opportunity to burn those calories if you wish and really improve fitness levels, or simply take it easy and enjoy the game. Either way it will improve your fitness levels if played regularly.

Inclusive and social

Badminton is a social game and can be enjoyed whatever your age. It is more simple to learn quickly than tennis, as the shuttlecock slows down in the air due to it’s clever design. This gives you the chance to have a successful rally with other players and means that you can involve children in the game from quite a young age – as they should be able to pick it up quite easily.


Once you have mastered the basics of badminton, and may be playing a faster game, you will soon notice how good this activity is for focus and hand-eye coordination. These skills can be used when playing other sports or in other areas of your life.


Learning badminton is a challenge but an achievable one, so it gives a real sense of satisfaction. The game will test your imagination, intelligence, physical fitness and skill. You can enjoy hours of fun attempting to outwit your opponent/s. If you have a competitive streak, this sport could be for you.


Most importantly, badminton is great fun! For all the reasons above, we feel that playing badminton is a fantastic way to spend some time this summer. Physical activity makes you feel great and if you decide to give this one a try you should leave the court having really enjoyed yourself!