Power of Selective Memory

If you’ve ever hit a perfect shot, then you have the ability. Obviously, the criteria for perfection depends on your skill level, but in this context, the only criteria is the feeling of effortlessness.

The chances of duplicating a perfect swing are based on your memory of a similar situation; the more vivid the memory, the greater the odds. We can’t always control the environment, but we can learn to control our memories.

Simply thinking about a desired outcome will only produce temporary results. The secret to consistency is adding strong feeling to the memory.

What do most amateur golfers do immediately after they hit a perfect shot? They dissect the swing, hoping to uncover the fortuitous combination of technical elements that came together for one fleeting moment. As soon as you start analyzing the swing – the feeling disappears.

How do you know that perfect shots are the result of a (technically) perfect swing?

One of the biggest misconceptions for the once-a-week golfer is that he/she can consciously control their swing. How often have you stood over the ball and sensed that something just didn’t “feel” right?

If you have the time, dedication and resources to hit five-hundred practice balls a day under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor, then in a year you might develop the ability to consciously control your swing. For the majority of amateur golfers, however, a more productive method would be learning how to recall the “feel” of a perfect shot. Let the feeling determine the result. It’s called trust.

Have you ever heard the maxim, that the secret to success is “getting out of your own way?” Do you ever wonder what that phrase actually means? Now you know.

The next time you watch golf on television, take note of any action, no matter how small, that a player performs consistently. This pattern is the player’s unique method of recalling the “feel” of success.

Natural ability varies considerably, but every golfer can break through the proverbial “glass ceiling” when they develop the habit of recalling past success. Learn how to recall the “feeling” of your best shots and you’ve found the key to unlocking your natural ability that lies beyond swing mechanics.