Play The Mental Game Faster

“The Champion players know that they win their matches in practice.”

The key to learning the mental game faster is to focus on 1 thing at a time and never live or relive any tennis matches in your mind too many times, before you play them.

Here is what I mean.

What’s 2+2?

See how you didn’t even have to think before you answered that question?

This is the mental level you are trying to reach with your mental game.

Tennis players tend to play in the past or in the future, instead of in the presence time on court.

This prevents them from playing in the moment.

To learn faster, be more aware of where your mind is on court.

Watch your thoughts and observe your reactions during a match, the minute you find yourself thinking about a mistake and error, quickly bring yourself back to the moment, by breathing deeply and then focus on the next point.

Your goal is to rewire your brain through constant repetitions.

This is where you want to go with your mental game and this is how you can get there and get there fast.

Let Go of All Negativity

You are carrying around a lot of mental baggage right now and it is in your way.

Remove the mental blocks today, this can be done through deep meditation.

When you are in deep meditation, all your problems and your answers are revealed to you in silence, but your job is to be honest with your self and let them go.

Play in the Ideal

Tennis players will follow their ideals, so if you are not where you mentally want to be, take a hard look at your ideal and see if it is congruent with the player that you want to become in the near future.

Then if it isn’t, create a new one that is and play in that one, until you can do it for real on court.

Those 2 tips can help you learn and then master playing the mental game in months.

Remember this.

You are not playing tennis, you are actually playing the mental game.

Many juniors don’t do this and that is why they struggle for their whole careers.

Then I focus on helping them to learn how to play the mental game faster, because the quicker they learn how to play it, the faster they will start winning.

I would say that to you too.