Places To Learn Surfing In Costa Rica

The Caribbean

The conditions for surfing in the east coast do not last throughout the year as the waves are mainly the result of tropical storms. Therefore, it is not recommended for a novice to attempt surfing on this side. For new surfers, the Pacific Coast side is more of an option.

Pacific Coast

The west side of the coast can be further divided into three distinct regions, the North, Central and South.

North Pacific Coast

This is the most popular region for surfing in Costa Rica and has some great places for surfing.

Places such as Playa Naranjo have very strong winds, especially between December and March. This is a great place to stay and learn surfing due to its location. You can also camp here but a 4 wheel drive is a necessity here.

Tamarindo is a town with startling beauty which offers great surfing conditions for both novices and experienced surfers alike. The best conditions are found between December and April. Tamarindo also offers Spanish classes so if you were interested in learning Spanish too, you will have the best of both at your disposal.

Central Pacific Coast

Hermosa Beach in the Central Pacific region keeps its waters in a constant swell. The beach stretches for several miles so you can easily find a spot where it is not too crowded. The good thing is, this beach is easily accessible from San Jose.

South Pacific Coast

Playa Dominical has waves in store for all skill levels. This region features beautiful lush landscapes and coastal rainforests. This is the place to go if you want to pack light. Just don’t forget the wetsuit!