Improve Your Forehand In Tennis

If you have the basics of hitting a tennis forehand in place and now you want to improve it to another level try these tips:

  • For a solid compact swing, keep your right elbow close to your tummy at impact.
  • As you follow through make sure that the racket face is up in front of you and the contact surface is facing your opponent on its extension and rotational movement upward.
  • Make sure your stroke finishes shoulder high. Your arm at the elbow/forearm and your hand/racket form two 90 degree angles.
  • If you want to increase the speed of your stroke DO NOT hold the racket throat at the end of the swing with your non dominant hand. Let the racket head speed decrease naturally as you rotate trough the shot.
  • Ball speed depends on timing and acceleration, increase your racket head acceleration through the shot and you will increase ball speed.
  • Flatten your shots by hitting through the ball with less topspin, for accuracy and power.