Improve Golf Short Game Skills

If you watch the pros on television you will discover that they are very good with the wedge in their hands and usually put the ball inside 15 feet for easier to make putts which is a big reason they are capable of shooting such low scores. If it is possible take some extra time on the course or the range working on shots inside 130 yards. The only way to master these shots is simply practice so you need to take the time on the practice tees to work on these shots.

Learning to putt well can be a significant challenge and most golfers are looking for the magic putter or putting technique that will make them better overnight. While it is certainly important to use a quality putter and to have certain key mechanical fundamentals, it is also important to note that in order to avoid the yips you need to make sure to stick with one main technical approach and one good quality putter. Reading greens well is also an important component to putting and the key is to be decisive with the read and believe that it is accurate and that the ball will go in the hole.

Always remember to putt in order to make every putt regardless of how long the putt may be. Avoid aiming for 3 foot circles on longer putts as this will increase your margin of error, instead see the ball going in the hole gently as this will make your misses the closest. Spend most of your time on the greens working on putts inside 10 feet as these are the key putts that can really lower your scores quickly if you can learn to master them. Keeping the mind quiet is another important factor if you want to become the best possible putter you can be. When you hit the putt be sure to keep your thoughts as little as possible and stay focused sharply on the target.