Golf and Calorie Burn

The amount of calories we can burn while enjoying golf, depends upon individual body weight, fitness level, intensity of the game, and metabolic activity. However, research and surveys focused on finding average calorie reduction in golf show that a person weighing 155-lb. will lose 281 calories (approx) per hour while on the course. So, playing a round at an average golf course will burn near enough 1,124 calories. For 3-par golf courses with 18 holes, the golfer will get rid of half the calories, as it takes half the time than any average traditional golf course to complete.

According to the research, the heavier you are the more you are supposed to lose fat on the green. This makes golfing the perfect sport for people who are looking to shed excess weight while enjoying the relaxing pace of golf.

  • People weighing more than 190-lb. can lose 259 calories per hour on an average, at the driving range.
  • 155-lb. weighing people will supposedly get rid of 211 calories per hour while swinging the golf clubs at the driving range.
  • An hour on the driving range will help people weighing 130-lb. to reduce 177 calories on an average.

These statistics prove that playing golf is a chance to stay healthy without intense workouts or regular visits to the gym.

Besides swinging an array of golf clubs to hit the ball, you can stay fit by walking from one point of the field to another. Research reveals that a golfer generally walks about five miles to complete a round on 18-hole course. Golfers can pull their clubs or carry them to the distance to use more calories while walking. Carrying the bag will reduce 387 calories per hour while pulling them will shed 352 calories.

Difference in the surface topography of golf courses can add to or deduct from your average calorie burn rate. Playing on smooth and plain greens will not be as hard as swinging golf clubs and chasing down golf balls on a rugged terrain. In other words, the harder it is to play golf on a course, the better will be your chances of reducing more calories.