Elements For Beginners in Surfing

Swimming and exercises for would be surfers

Before you even consider whether you want a longboard or short board, book surfing holidays or buy any surfing gear, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. For example, it is important that you can swim well before taking to the water on a surfboard.

Exercises that are beneficial when learning to surf include: Bench press ups; Push up; Leg presses; Squats; Aerobic exercises such as swimming, dancing, cycling and running.

A good balance of this type of exercise will prepare you for surfing by strengthening calves and thighs, helping your balance and making you stronger and able to endure more.

Familiarize yourself with a surfboard

Take a good look at a surfboard so that you become familiar with its features. A long board is approximately nine by two feet with a strip in the middle. It may have one of more fins. The surfboard leash near the tail can be attached to your ankle to prevent you parting company with it, if you fall off. It takes some practise to become accustomed to the leash, so try it out in a swimming pool or practise on the beach. You can also practise your balance in a swimming pool to reproduce surfing conditions.

On the beach you can make a narrow groove in the sand for your surfboard and practise the pop up as well as standing from a sitting or paddling position.

You confidence will grow with your surfing lessons and when you are ready to hit the surf take a surf buddy with you to show you the proper distance to keep from others surfers and other aspects of surf etiquette. He will be able to instruct you in paddling, catching a wave and will be there for you if you encounter difficulties.