Consistent Tennis Stokes

Start asking yourself these questions everyday.

If you are having problems in matches, then look at how you practice, you must use repetition in practice, to develop a consistent mental game for your matches.

Your confidence will get better as you start practicing the right way.

Today one of my junior tennis players hit a ball into the net during our lesson and I asked him after, why did you miss that shot?

And he answered, “I didn’t believe I could make it”!

So I said to him, “Try to believe next time”.

Then I fed him another ball to him and he made the shot.

This got me thinking to myself, about how many others players do the same thing when they attempt to hit a shot, how about you?

How much do you believe in your shots, when you are getting set to hit them?

The mental test for you, is can you make that same shot UNDER PRESSURE, because most tennis players can’t.

So let’s get you hitting with more belief, like everything else about this game, it’s all mental.

It all boils down to your mindset.

First thing to remember, is to keep your head still and focus on the shot until you finish it, if you have watched Federer hit a stroke, you could actually put a cup of water on his head while he is doing it, that’s how steady his head is at contact.

Next focus on contacting the ball in your optimal hitting zone.

In practice, focus on discovering your hitting zone, this is a contact point, that give you a consistent smooth stroke.

We all have different ideal hitting zones, so test out a few in practice and see what happens.

Last thing is to prepare early and with confidence.

Use repetition to develop the muscle memory that is needed to have a smooth and consistent stroke.

One more note, always visualize the shot before you hit it, see it landing deep and in the court, with lots of topspin, use all 3 of these tips to start playing at a higher level in competition.

You will also start winning more matches!!