Choose Golf Courses to Match Skill Level

Golf is a fun game that has its own share of challenges, too. It certainly adds to your satisfaction, when you play better and score better, wielding your club the right way to complete each round, faster. Many leading golf resorts that offer stay and play packages, uphold the idea that golf should be made available to all levels of players. No wonder these golf courses are designed to meet the needs of amateurs and beginners, who may not be as good as professionals at speed and distance control. Subsequently, you will come to find a different variety of golf courses across the country – standard course with 18 holes as well as smaller courses with nine holes. There are also par-3 courses for the players, seeking to play a challenging game in few hours. While playing a particular course may not at all be a challenge for one player, it can be intimidating (and embarrassing) for others. Therefore, choose your course carefully before you decide to spend your time and money.

Talking of golf courses in the US, there are many that you can find in the southern and western parts of the country, especially in Florida. Tampa, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and Amelia Island are some of the Floridian cities that boast beautiful ocean side courses, offering amazing experience for golfers of all skill levels. However, before heading to any of these beachside golf courses, remember that ocean wind may play the spoil sport for less-skilled players.

Golf grounds consist of a series of holes, each having its teeing area, a fairway, the rough and other hazards. A standard course consists of eighteen holes. Some courses have nine holes and therefore played twice per round. Par-3 courses may have nine or 18 holes – with 100 yards to 250 yards distance in between. You can take three strokes to land the ball into the hole.