Become a Better Golfer Today

Taking the hands out of the golf shot provides more consistency.

  • Explanation: The face of a golf club opens up, or rotates, during the golfer’s backswing. If a golfer is right-handed, the golfer should take the hands out of his/her swing by swinging left of the target, or 11:00, while leaving the hands open and fairly inactive throughout the swing (this creates a consistent shot that curves left to right).
  • A golfer who swings the golf club along a path directed right of the target, or 1:00, will have to flip his or her hands over to square the club face to the target before impact (this is difficult to do consistently and is, therefore, not recommended by me to be a golfer’s shot of choice).

A golfer should think about where he or she wants to hit their golf ball rather than where he or she does not want to hit it.

  • A common phrase states that golf is 90% mental and 10% physical. Therefore, the thoughts that go on in a golfer’s head contribute a significant amount to his or her scoring outcome.
  • Negative thinking, such as “do not hit this golf ball in the water to the left and do not hit this golf ball into the bunker on the right”, is the type of thinking that golfers must avoid and overcome.
  • Positive thinking is the only type of thinking that will help you on the course.

Regardless of a golfer’s level of experience, he or she should always remember to practice the fundamentals to the game.

  • Keep your eye on the back of the ball; focus on a dimple.
  • Keep your head still until after impact.
  • Keep your knees bent during your backswing (do not sway and do not lock your knees).
  • Have a fairly relaxed grip (as though you are holding a tube of toothpaste or a baby bird).