Badminton Bags


Badminton bags are commonly rounded on one end and then tapered on the other side, mimicking the shape of your racket. That way, you can also squeeze in your racket inside so you can carry everything in one go. They are also spacious enough to accommodate up to 8 rackets, depending on their size and the way they are designed. You can also find them in varieties that have separate areas to hold shuttlecocks, water bottles, food, and others.

The bag for you

Badminton bags can be chosen according to how you want them to look, how much equipment or things you need to fit inside, or how you want to carry them. There are over-the-shoulder bags that are lightweight, slim, and can be slung over one of your shoulders. These bags can accommodate one to two rackets and they can also have additional compartments on the strap or outside.

If you wish to carry your badminton bag like a tote, choose a duffel-type one that also has the capability to house a lot of rackets that can be secured inside along with other things like extra clothes, your tennis shoes, and others. However, not every duffel bag is tapered so some of them may resemble typical sports bags.

The right one

In choosing your badminton bag, make sure that you can fit inside all your essentials for playing. This includes your racket, shuttlecocks, and others like a water bottle, shoes, towel, etc. Make sure that you can also pick up and carry the bag easily. Cushioned handles can make lugging your bag easier and more comfortable.