Afraid of Surfing

The most common injuries sustained during surfing are simple lacerations, which increase in frequency depending on the size of the waves and the quality of the ocean floor. Repetitive motion from paddling is also occasionally cited as a shoulder injury, although these tend to heal quickly. Unless extraordinary conditions persist, under which a surfer should not be in the water, the chance for head injury or broken bones are very slim compared to sports such as hockey or football.

The wildlife of the ocean is a major concern for some people who spend their time on a beach, would like to surf, but have too many reservations to get on a board and take to the ocean. Movies such asĀ Jaws, disparate news stories, and a natural human fear towards predatory animals have all perpetuated an unfortunate and irrational terror of sharks, large fish, and sea-bound mammals. In reality, shark attacks are extremely rare, with only a small number reported in the United States each year, and only a handful of fatal attacks reported in the last century.

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