About Necessity of a Badminton Set

First of all, one shall be aware of the tools and equipment needed to prepare in order to comprise a good badminton set. Since badminton is mainly a racket sport game, hence the racket would be the very basic and fundamental equipment in the set. Together with the so called main soul mate “shuttlecock”, just as a disc player with a disc, without the disc not song can be play, without the shuttlecock no game can be start for the badminton. Thus, rackets and shuttlecock play a significant character in the game as necessary equipment in the badminton set.

Secondly, badminton strings can be said as an inevitable part of the racket, without it the racket just cant be perform and it is like empty frame. There is all kinds’ string available in the market, different color of string, and different quality. Thicker string are meant for those players who like their racket be more durable, inversely, the thinner string are purposely meant for those players like to have more powerful performance for the racket.

Shuttlecocks can be divided into two types, one is feathers made another one is plastic. From earlier of the invention towards badminton, feathers made shuttlecocks are mainly used and for the purpose of all sort of tournament all around the world, even for these day as well. Yet the plastic shuttlecock has been popular in recent years only. Thus, professional player would often used up the feathers shuttlecocks while, casual common player can have this alternative plastic shuttlecock which more easy to maintain compare with feathers shuttlecock more fragile.