Keys to Mental Toughness for Junior Golfers

  • Keep each shot in perspective. This is especially true in a 108-hole tournament. Q-School, of all tournaments, is understood to be a marathon and not a sprint. There is no rational reason to be unnerved by a bad hole or two. Similarly, the junior golfer has years and years of opportunities ahead. There is no particular shot in any tournament that is “life or death”.
  • Focus on the task rather than the outcome. This is probably the most difficult of the “basics” for players to follow. It is natural to think about the result and then the consequences of the result. This thinking will not help get the job done. Whenever these thoughts come to mind, replace them with thoughts of the immediate task at hand.
  • Breathe. Even the best in the world get tense in this type of situation. That tension can increase a player’s tendency to hold his breath in anticipation of a shot or a putt. This then impacts muscle tension even more, and potentially affects his ability to swing the club smoothly. Deep breaths = slower heart rate and less physiological tension. Creating a habit of doing this as a junior player will be invaluable as your golf career progresses.
  • Remember that you cannot control things. Anyone who plays this game knows that something unexpected happens in nearly every round. A great tee shot lands in a divot, a club you’ve been hitting well all week suddenly starts getting shaky, or a two-foot putt is missed. The successful players in Q-School and elsewhere will recognize that they have control only over their preparation and reactions, and not over anything else. If they know they’ve prepared the best they could for each shot, and know that they are capable of controlling their reaction after each shot, they’ve done all they can possibly do to achieve their goals. Move on to the next one.
  • Play to succeed. Nearly every year there is a player or two held up at the end of Q-School as an example of a late tournament collapse. In nearly all of those instances, the player interviewed will speak of having thoughts of “trying to hold on” or “trying not to make a big number”. Many players will have a tendency to play to avoid mistakes and/or prevent something bad from happening. The players who are successful are those who are confident in their abilities to go out and get the job done, and will be playing to succeed rather than to avert failure.

Surf the Waves in Easy Lessons

Board Positioning

A common mistake that I see a lot of beginners do is lay on top of their board either too far back or to far forward. It really is a subtle balancing act when you lay on your surfboard. If you are too far up on the board you will pearl the nose under water and possibly end up sliding off across the front of the board. What’s far more common is for newbies to position themselves too far back which allows them to paddle in the water okay, but they will never catch a wave and the board will end up getting away from them. The ideal spot to lay on the board for paddling and catching waves is just far enough up from the center so that you can arch your back a little as you paddle and the nose stays just a couple inches at the most out of the water. It really is just a matter of feeling your balance and paying attention to how you body shifts weight on your surfboard.

Momentum and Speed

Another very common problem I see beginning surfers make is not taking the speed of the wave into consideration when the paddle after one in hopes of catching it. It is imperative to always pay attention to your surroundings when out in the ocean, but while surfing you must constantly scan the nearby horizon for waves coming in. The time to paddle after wave is before it gets to you not when it is right up on you. You must position yourself in a manner that allows you to paddle in front of the incoming wave so that your speed matches the waves and it will then more likely grab a hold of your board and allow you to catch the wave. A good idea is to paddle out just beyond the break zone and sit on your board so you can see the horizon farther out to allow for maximun preparation time for the next set.

Standing and Leg Stance

You can get everything else right when going surfing, but if you never stand up or stay up on your surfboard then you will never really ride a wave. Its important to practice getting up from laying on your stomach to your feet in a quick sweeping motion that takes no longer than a second or two. You should practice this routinely at home or in your yard until its second nature. Many surfers learned by getting on their knees first then going to a standing position. While this might seem easier at first, it is incorrect and a bad habit to break if you start out that way. It is far better to learn to go from laying flat to standing in one movement even if it takes longer to learn. This will give your a quicker start when the waves momentum grabs your board and believe me this will allow you to not only catch the wave before the competition does, but will guarantee you more options on how you will end up riding that totally awesome wave dude.

Golf Nutrition Is Not An Oxymoron

The reasons who golf nutrition is still in it’s’ infancy in the golf game is easy to see. To start with nutrition in sports goes hand in hand with the training and physical exercise program for the particular sport. In golf, exercises are still a very new concept although many professionals have already embraced it as an important part of their golf game.

For years golf has had the image of being a leisure sport to be played by the rich and the sort of people who do not just carelessly break into a sweat. Then came golfers of the likes of the legendary Tiger Woods. For the first time in the sport, leading golfers were very young and extremely physically fit. Since then, the game has never been the same again and as exercise continues to take center stage golf nutrition has to grow alongside it.

Golf nutrition is usually part and parcel of a golf exercise program and is really designed to enhance energy and strength even as the exercise program works to build up the golfer.

The sort of golf nutrition that will become common will not be very different from what we see in other sports. The idea will be to have a diet of energy foods and foods that will help in building up strength and endurance for a better golf game.

So the typical nutrition recommendations that go with weight training for strength will be found in the special golf nutrition that leading experts are recommending to golfers.

This is the direction that the wonderful game of golf has taken and it seems that there is no turning back for any golfer who wants to improve their game. You just have to consider golf nutrition alongside your current golf exercise program.

Swim Like an Olympian

There are many swimming pools, and many swimming clubs that are good places to start if you are serious about becoming a better, or competitive, swimmer.

Finding a good coach is essential to becoming a better swimmer. From determining your best stroke, and helping with the right technique, to dietary and motivational help, your swimming coach will be there to help you every step of the way.

Because of the huge role your swimming coach will play, it’s important to choose someone that you like, that has the experience and results so that you know their techniques and methods work, and that you like and respect as a person. Often the more disciplined the coach the better the results will be.

Training outside of the pool may well be prescribed by your coach. Strength training is a good way of building up muscles that will help you swim faster, and for longer. Upper body strength as well as leg strength are essential, and a good coach or gym instructor will be able to advise on the right sort of exercises for you. Sleep and rest are highly important factors in training.

Dedication is vital. There will be many times that you don’t want to swim another length, or get up early in the dark for a long training session before work or school. You will miss spending time with your friends, and that you don’t have much of a life outside of swimming and the gym. However, if you are determined to be an Olympic swimmer, then these sacrifices will have to be made.

Conditioning is also important. The body needs to be kept in the best possible condition. Ensuring that you get enough sleep, eat the right meals, train the right amount and are focused on competitions and doing well will ensure that swimming remains your goal.

Sometimes you will have a bad race, or not do as well as you’d hoped for in training, or perhaps even suffer from illness or injury. Knowing how to deal with these setbacks will help you to come to terms with them, and how to learn from them. You may find that in a race you started off too fast, and ran out of speed at the end, or that your pace was too slow at the beginning and so there was not enough time to speed up at the end. What will you do if you have cold for a few weeks, and can’t swim? Being prepared can keep you positive and allow you to focus on other areas of your training

Choose Golf Courses to Match Skill Level

Golf is a fun game that has its own share of challenges, too. It certainly adds to your satisfaction, when you play better and score better, wielding your club the right way to complete each round, faster. Many leading golf resorts that offer stay and play packages, uphold the idea that golf should be made available to all levels of players. No wonder these golf courses are designed to meet the needs of amateurs and beginners, who may not be as good as professionals at speed and distance control. Subsequently, you will come to find a different variety of golf courses across the country – standard course with 18 holes as well as smaller courses with nine holes. There are also par-3 courses for the players, seeking to play a challenging game in few hours. While playing a particular course may not at all be a challenge for one player, it can be intimidating (and embarrassing) for others. Therefore, choose your course carefully before you decide to spend your time and money.

Talking of golf courses in the US, there are many that you can find in the southern and western parts of the country, especially in Florida. Tampa, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and Amelia Island are some of the Floridian cities that boast beautiful ocean side courses, offering amazing experience for golfers of all skill levels. However, before heading to any of these beachside golf courses, remember that ocean wind may play the spoil sport for less-skilled players.

Golf grounds consist of a series of holes, each having its teeing area, a fairway, the rough and other hazards. A standard course consists of eighteen holes. Some courses have nine holes and therefore played twice per round. Par-3 courses may have nine or 18 holes – with 100 yards to 250 yards distance in between. You can take three strokes to land the ball into the hole.

Badminton Grip Benefits

By brushing up on your method of gripping your badminton racquet, you’re going to produce much better strokes throughout your game. Knowing what type of badminton method to use for each situation in a game, is crucial to creating those perfectly placed strokes, or powerful smash shots. There are a number of different ways to grip your badminton racquet whilst playing, and by using a variation of badminton grips, you’ll find your play improving. Having the perfect badminton will allow for a greater range of direction for your shots, and will also help better defend against those hard to reach defensive body shots. By using the correct badminton, your going to be able to produce much stronger power smashes and improved net shots and serves. Knowing which badminton grip to use is going to allow you much more flexible range in the type of shots you can make, and will also allow you to disguise the direction of your shots.

With improved method, should come improved equipment and there are a few features which you may want to look out for when choosing what kind of badminton to use on your racquet. When choosing your badminton grip, ensure that it is flexible. Having a flexible grip on your racquet allows the muscles used to work more effectively. You should ensure the length of the grip section of your racquet is long or short enough for you to have the correct grip and finger placement. When choosing a grip, or replacement grip for your racquet, take a look at the features it offers, such as perforation, dryness and comfort. These types of features may seem small, but they will ultimately increase your performance by adding to the benefits of a good badminton grip.

Knowing how to grip your badminton racquet is crucial, as such, so is the type of grip attached to your racquet. Improving your badminton grip plays an important role in advancing your skills, so take the time to brush up on your grip methods, and look at the different types of badminton grips available for your racquet.

Basic Windsurfing Sport

When you already got new shining board, push the board out into deep water until the fin is clear of the bottom. You may want to get a sense of the wind direction and maneuver the board so that the sail is downwind of the board.

When you on the water, swim or walk to the upwind side and clamber onto the board. Keep the balance of your knees and grab a hold of the uphaul, without pulling up the sail yet.

Move your feet up at a slow pace and then rock back and forth on your feet to get a feel for it. Bend your knees and pull the sail up slightly from the water and then hand over hand like hauling in a rope.

Try to keep your back and your body upright. You are bending over too much if you feel your lower back starting to ache. Take hold of the mast immediately with both hands and let it swing. You need to control the balance of your position.

Straight up tilt the mast to your left with the mast. Your body should transfer this imbalance to the windsurfer board and make the board turn or spin clockwise. If you tilt the mast to the right, then the board will turn counterclockwise.

The board will turn faster if you get stronger wind and further of tilt. If you tilt the mast to the stern the board will head up in to the wind. Pay attention which side the bow of the board is in relation to you. Place your hand on the boom so the mast is leading the sail towards the bow.

Standup Paddle Boarding

The origin of standup paddle boarding is the same as that of other board sports, and that is Hawaii. SUP, also known as “Hoe he’e nalu”, has very old roots. However, it has become popular now with many photographers and surf instructors.

SUP basically employs a type of surf board along with a lengthy paddle. In this regard, it’s a mix of surfing and canoeing. The credit for making it popular goes to Laird Hamilton, who made use of the paddle grabbing towing waves originating in Hawaii. But now, SUP isn’t just for surfing. SUP may be enjoyed in many other forms. like flat water lakes to facilitate beach paddling, to open water paddling and right up to surfing waves.

Though you can visit a store and procure the very first or the most economical board, it may not be the best option for getting initiated into this sport.

The design, and hence the value of SUP paddles and SUP boards, varies a lot. It’s not difficult to guess that better quality boards will be more expensive. At the same time, better boards are more appropriate for use by intermediate and experienced paddlers.

Here are some tips that beginners will find helpful. Having decided to get skilled at standup paddle board, you should call upon one of the SUP stores in your area and get one board on rent for the initial few lessons. It may be a good idea to rent boards made by different manufacturers to find which one suits you the most. It is not unusual for many stores to adjust the expense of rental in the final price of the new board that you would buy. So, do check on this. There is absolutely no harm in getting started with used equipment. You can locate many sellers of used equipment through the classified ads of local papers. Some shops also offer boards that were used for demos or used boards at considerably lower prices.

Electric Golf Trolleys

First, you need to consider your expectations. You need to know what sort of an electric golf trolley you need. The options you will be expecting needs to be clearly defined in your head before you could buy something. Do some research about the available models on the market in addition to their features plus the price. Golf trolleys vary and so, it is vital that the thing is how their diverse specs match your expectations.

With that being said, listed here is a co-relation of features that might help you will be making the correct decision.

The Dimensions

Check the folded and unfolded dimensions to ensure the trolley will fit into your car or truck. Ideally, find out if you can actually setup and unfold within an easy manner. The electrical trolley should satisfy your height and build. The height shouldn’t strain the shoulders and back and you will feel at ease when reaching the handle.

The Load

You will want the electric trolley to become hard wearing, but light enough to lift inside and outside of your own vehicle. So, do not forget to examine the total weight.

The Battery

A battery is a thing you need to remember to check on, in terms of any electronic device. Just how many holes can the trolley run without the need of recharging? If you can, it is wise to select the longest battery which runs the trolley for a minimum of 30 to 36 holes when fully charged.

The Wheels

Regarding the wheels, it is prudent to go for trolleys with quick release main wheels to offer room for easier cleaning and storage. In cases where battery runs out, the golf trolley could be pushed without the need of power.

Besides the features, another significant factor you may need to think about is definitely the price. You will have to know the amount of money you have to spend. Produce a realistic plan for what you need as soon as this is certainly set, you can put your thoughts in the specs that happen to be more significant in your activity. In regards to this, opting for the best trolley you can pay for makes your choose a better investment in the long term.

Luckily, you will find high quality electric golf trolleys which go for cheap prices today. Ideally, you can actually grab yourself one out of the countless websites that sell trolleys.

Since you now know what to look for, you could add everything together and browse around with assurance. Cross-reference any recommendations with a short look at the specs list above and you may get the best value for your money.

Improve Smash in Badminton

Firstly, getting the right direction to the smash. This comes down to court awareness and the position of your body and leading arm. Get any of these wrong and you won’t hit the part of the court you were aiming for.

Secondly to get more power, you need the strength and power in the muscles that contract in order to play the shot, so the shoulders and forearm muscles need to be worked. To help keep balance and direction strong core muscles are also vital for stability.

Thirdly you need to hit the shuttlecock at the right point. To do this you should always be behind the shuttle, so that you make contact with it directly in front of you, ideally hit at the highest point forwards of your racket shoulder.

Your wrist should be ‘cocked’ or bent backwards before the shot and then snapped forwards at the point of impact to hit the shuttle with maximum power. This should resemble a whipping action.

Finally in order to get in to the right position, you need the fitness and speed to be able to move in front of the shuttlecock to be able to hit it properly.

To do this you’ll also need to ensure that your feet are in a ‘front to back’ formation with your weight forwards so that the thrust can be made from the back leg which will propel you forwards as you hit and follow through with the smash.

One final tip that you can use for developing power in your smash is to try watching the racket actually hit the shuttlecock, this way you might be able to see where things are going wrong.

These are some useful tips for how to improve your smash in Badminton, but ideally you should work with a coach or invest in some training DVD’s to see exactly how to play the shot properly.