What are the best healthy and safe sports to play nowadays?

The activities that we involve in daily are inspired by different reasons. In some cases, people are motivated to get involved in risky and adventurous activities, while other people prefer safer and risk-free activities. One activity type that has both safe and risky options is sports. People involve in sports to keep fit and show their competitive rate. If you are interested in sports that are healthy with little to no risk of getting injured, some of the top healthy sports will be discussed subsequently.

Jogging and running

Jogging and running is a risk-free sport that you can carry out around your environment. It mostly involved involves running on moving quickly on the legs at a faster rate than walking. Jogging is the casual and less fast version of running. People who are running get to cover a much larger distance than someone who is jogging within the same timeframe, just like people who are jogging also cover a larger distance than those who are walking. It is also possible to carry out jogging indoors by buying a running machine that allows a person to run, walk or climb while staying in the same place. Most sports require the use of the right sportswear. You can find more about sport fashion to know what to wear while jogging, running or being engaged in other sports.

Table Tennis

Another healthy and safe sport that you can engage in is playing table tennis. It normally involves playing against an opponent where a bat is used to send a small ball across to the opponent over a table following some rules. The sports do not require a lot of energy to play and can be enjoyed by 2 to 4 people at aside. Two people playing the game at a time implies one person playing against another person, while 4 people playing the game at a time would mean 2 people playing as a team against another team of 2 people. The game is usually ended when one of the players or the team outraces the other to get to the score of 11.

Lawn Tennis

Another healthy and safe sport that you might want to play is lawn tennis. Just like table tennis, it requires a player or team passing the ball across to another player or team. The major difference between lawn tennis and table tennis is that a table is not required in lawn tennis as it is played directly on the ground. Hence, the lawn tennis court is much bigger than a table tennis table and requires more strength to hit the ball across. The bat and ball for lawn tennis are bigger than that for table tennis.

Football is another safe and healthy sport to involve in, even though there are risks of injury. However, it is not as risky as some other sports such as hockey and Rugby. It requires a team of 11 players playing against another team of 11 players with the aim of scoring goals. However, depending on the size of the field and when it is not a professional game, the number of players could be reduced for both sides or as decided by those involved in the game.

Handball and basketball

Handball is a game where players throw the ball across to each other with the hand with the intention of scoring goals in a post similar to that of football, though smaller. This is as opposed to basketball that involves trying to put the ball into a hoop. Furthermore, while basketball utilizes a multiple points scoring option, handball only records a point for each goal scored.

Volleyball is a sport where a team of 6 players send a ball over a net to another team. Both teams strive to ensure the ball lands within a marked space on the other side and prevent the ball from landing on the marked space on their side when the ball is played towards them.

Playing golf requires trying to guide a golf ball into a hole from a distance. In most cases, the ball will have to be hit towards the hole many times with varying degrees of strengths and along a particular direction till the aim is achieved.