Ways To Master Net Game

Your Form

Watch video of some great net players and study their forms.

Notice what they do before, during and after they make contact with the ball.

Then you need to work on your form, by doing some shadow swings, I meant to say, shadow volleys for about 10 minutes.

After you do that, move on to step 2.


After you have your form together, have someone feed you balls.

Make sure that you are adjusting your form, while you are doing the reps, because through these adjustments, the form will start to take shape all by itself.

The thing you have to always remember about repetitions is that.

The repetitions will create your techniques and your form.

But you must keep adjusting your form, while you are doing them.

Live Ball Drills

Now try a some live ball doubles drills with your friends or team-mates.

2 on 3 or 2 on 1 works best in practice.

Get a feel for the front court movement and try to anticipate where the ball is going, then move there with your body.

You need quick hands and a good feel at the net, but the more drills you do, the better you will get at doing this.

Play More Doubles

That’s should be a no brainer, but I notice many juniors don’t play that much doubles in practice.

The great thing about doubles is that, your singles game will improve too.

More junior tennis players need to be playing more doubles.

Because most of them, are afraid to come up to the net in matches.

Which can be a big problem during points, because they want to be able to take that short ball that they get, be aggressive and then finish the point off at the net.

Last tip for net play.

Have Fun

Never take the game too seriously in practice or in your matches.

Enjoy your time out there and have fun playing doubles.

Your attitude towards doubles, will always determine how well you play at it.

So, take a great attitude to your practice matches and relax, then go with the flow.

There you have it guys.