Thrill in Olympic Swimming

In Olympic Swimming, one would actually feel the tension in the air. The swimmers are very competitive and are committed to a win. And the audiences are correspondingly cheering hard for their representatives. One can expect thrilling Olympic Swimming events that can take your breath away. It is just too exciting to watch, and having so many people around having their own swimmers, will more than quadruple the fun.

What is more interesting now with Olympic Swimming is the addition of the Open Water Races. There will be the 10K open water races for both men and women divisions. These are very interesting additions as considered by many – but a welcomed one at that.

The addition of the Open Water Races in Olympic Swimming would add a variety to the swimming competition. Many believe that Europeans are well to dominate this category, but others will not come in without a good fight. Definitely, Olympic Swimming is able to put more excitement with their array of competitions in the field.