Steps To Improve Your Round

Be Prepared For Anything

This may seem obvious but ask yourself this, have you ever arrived at the course only to find out that you have forgotten something?

The undoubted answer is yes.

So by getting prepared for any eventuality will help you to perform better. To begin this new process you need to have a check of your equipment. You should start by taking everything out of your bag and throw away anything that should not be in there. (If you havenĀ“t done this for a while I suggest a pair of rubber gloves, just in case you have a forgotten banana somewhere at the bottom of a pocket!)

Once your bag is clear, organize it. Put your tees etc in one pocket, for easy access and check that you have enough of each length of tee that you use. Wet weather gear stored neatly into the main pocket, if you play regularly in wet conditions make sure you have a plastic where you can keep your gloves, it will be so much easier to deal with the conditions. Now from this stage you need to get into the habit of loading up the car the night before, especially if you are playing early in the morning. This will leave the task of getting yourself ready in the morning, you won’t be running around in a rush to pack the car as well.

Use The Same Golf Ball (Make and Model)

I have long been a believer in the importance of using the same golf ball every single time you play. I know that this may cost a little extra but the benefits are worth it.

Your short game, especially your putting will be improved. You may be wondering why you will benefit from such a simple change and the reason is that you will get the same results from the same swings with the same ball. A softer ball for example will spin more and not travel as far as a harder ball. So if you are constantly changing your ball type then you are ultimately changing the consistency of your game.

Drink More

It is a well-known fact that if you are dehydrated your ability to concentrate and perform drop. Keeping hydrated is one of the most important and simple things you can do to improve your performance. Many amateur golfers become thirsty during a round and it is then that they take a gulp of water. But this is too late as you are already dehydrated. You need to get into the habit of drinking a little sip of water from the first tee. You will feel much better if you do this and you will find that you have more energy. Your concentration levels will also dramatically improve, resulting in a more consistent performance.