Stay Fit Diet For Surfer

A surfer should essentially focus on both pre-surfing and post-surfing diet plans.

Before you set out to surf, you need to make sure that you have completed your intake at least 45 minutes before you enter the waters.

Any food you might take will consist of one or more of the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water in varied proportions.

There are hundreds and thousand of foods around. Diet can be confusing because digestive capabilities and individual food comfort differs between people. Before we go deep in to the many food choices, you should know that your digestive system and your natural intellect welcome food that is naturally friendly to your gut. Foods that are gut friendly are easy to digest and it makes you feel better and energetic post meal, as opposed to feeling heavy, sleepy and tired with unhealthy gut tiring foods.

What is comfortable to you might not be to someone else and vice versa. So, listen to your senses and decide on what you would take before and after surf.

Proteins without saturated fat, complex carbohydrates and whole grain, soy foods, diary foods low in fat, high fiber and nutrient rich foods are good pre-surf diet choices.

Holistic dieticians recommend, eat when you are hungry, and nothing if you are not. Your body demands food if it is in need of energy. Issues arise when you over feed or under feed it. Eat right enough for your hunger, because hunger is directly proportional to bodily needs.

Hunger compliant surfers are normally healthy, because they neither over eat nor under eat.

Oatmeal is best to you keep you energized for a long stay in water. Complement it with blueberries, nuts and raisins, fiber, easily digestible fats, and cinnamon for better digestion pre-surf.

Other choices of pre-surf food would be whole grain bread, granola, yoghurt, protein shakes, rice, black beans, tofu, energy chocolates or eggs with seasoned pepper

Those who develop leg cramps while on sea can consider including banana. Isotonic drinks also do help.

Those who do not have a lot of time for meals pre-surf can consider energy snacks like a fruit mix, fruit smoothies, nuts and raisins, muffins, peanut and banana, energy bars, or raw vegetables.

Heavy foods pre-surf over works the digestive system, leaving the body with less energy for the rest of the feats. So, have an energetic yet light diet pre-surf.

Post-surf is the time to relish your achievement for the day. You likely are hungry. Fish, grilled chicken, baked potatoes, French fries, steamed vegetables, tea or anything you like that is gut friendly.