Speedsurfing For Fun

Speedsurfing is a lot of fun, if you have ever windsurfed or not, you can learn the beginnings of speedsurfing in a few lessons at a windsurf school. Speed is about 50km/h on normal days with no extreme wind. Pro speedsurfer can do near 90km/h in extreme wind strength.

There is a lot of gear available for speedsurfers, with over 20 different big manufacturers there is for everybody enough choice.

Speedsurfing is done by people aged from 10 to 70 years old, although the speed can be quite high it is not super dangerous. Most sessions are in a safe environment, the water is not really hard. This makes crashes even fun, but some crash training is advised to crash safe.

Open water at least 1 x 1km, wind between 12-40kn, windsurf gear. And some lessons to learn how a windsurfer works. In the beginning you can start on freeride gear which is easier to use, after having enough experience the formula 1 gear “slalom gear” can be used to gain extra speed.

A nice place to learn speedsurfing is Karphatos Greece, if you already have some windsurfing experience. Without any windsurfing experience any windsurf school will be OK to learn the basics. Try to learn on modern windsurfing gear, the newest gear is much easier to be handled, within 1 hour most can windsurf and turn. Gliding is learned in some more lessons.