Safe Surfing Adventure

First thing first, do not embark on a surfing adventure unless you know how to swim. It is not just important to know “how” to swim, but also equally important to have developed your stamina for swimming. One should be a well-practiced swimmer, because swimming regularly develops strong muscles. It is necessary to be in full strength when surfing as one is frequently required to swim upon losing balance while surfing (this is very common, especially with beginners). It is advisable not to swim against the current. A tip to prevent neck injuries is not to dive into the water headfirst, but to fall flat and use your outstretched hands to identify any obstructions.

Secondly, your mindset is of utmost significance. One must realize that it is easy to get carried away, not only by the waves, but also by your desire to impress your friends or because you might be feeling extremely excited. Do enjoy yourself, but remember that safety comes first. Ensure that you do not choose to ride waves that are greater than your strength.

Timing is an important factor in planning your surfing adventure. Avoid going to surf right after dawn and in the night as these are the times when sharks are known to feed and hunt. Your choice of clothing is a fundamental part of planning, too. Bright and highly contrasting clothes as well as shiny jewelry are believed to attract sharks, so opt to dress less colorfully and definitely not at all in a flashy array.

It is best to take certain precautions before leaving home. Do watch the weather update to ensure that a sea storm has not been forecasted and also check whether the tide is high or low. Furthermore, do not go surfing if a shark has been sighted on that particular day.

Once at the beach, play the role of an observer. Observe the weather and the direction of the wind. Observe where the waves crash and also study others surfing at the time, so as to gauge the pattern of drifts as well as how much and when to paddle.

Lastly be sure to take friends with you, and stay reasonably close when surfing. Not only is it fun, it is considered to be safer as well, since sharks avoid groups and prefer to attack individuals.