Playing Golf With Kids

Make It Fun

You may consider golf as the greatest game on earth, but there is no guarantee that your child would harbor the same feeling toward the sport. It is therefore extremely important to present the game in a fun format. Instead of getting them chained to too much technicalities, give them freedom to do whatever they want to, whack the ball the way they wish, and simply enjoy. By focusing on the fun aspects of the game initially, you can make your little one come back for more, and THAT is the first step to the making of a golfer.

Play Cool Mind Games

Children tend to get easily bored, while learning the basics of swings and drives. You need to have a lot patience and resilience. Encourage them when they try, and appreciate them wholeheartedly when they succeed. Enthusiasm is infectious, so make a display of it! If your child sees that you are enjoying it, then chances are they’ll be touched by your fervor, too.

Talk Their Language

Information overload is a big NO, when it comes to teaching golf to tiny tots. Instead of wasting the whole golfing glossary on them, use words they understand. Therefore it’s not going to be a big deal if ‘wide arc’ becomes ‘big circle’ or a ‘descending blow’ is described as ‘thumping the ground’ during a training session. If you throw too much complex instructions to them, you run the risk of turning a fun time into task hours, subsequently losing their interests in the game.

Reward Them

Always reward them for coming to the golf course to keep their spirits up. Don’t make them wait for what they have earned. Get across the message that learning is not only fun, but also rewarding. Even if they fail to take the shots up to your expectation, still give them something to bring out the best in them.