Long Distance Swimming

In some cases going into a backstroking position can be useful. While this position is one that is slower than most other types of swimming positions it is one that can be used for conserving energy. By backstroking the muscles will be able to get less pressure put on them. They will not wear out and have to work harder than needed for strokes. As a result the body will not become tired and the swimming can continue.

When swimming a long distance it will help to save strokes. Being able to stay efficient with strokes is important. Working with fewer strokes can be done by waiting until the movement from the previous stroke is slowed by at least half before getting another stroke in. The cruising that is created by a stroke should be utilized. A good target would be to use only about fifty strokes in each minute during a long distance swim. By keeping to this target the body will not get very tired.

Having a good rhythm like what is used with a metronome can be helpful. The rhythm should be focused less on the limbs but more with the body. The

Freestyle Swimming

We rotate for a few reasons. It is important because it reduces the amount of drag our body creates in the water. Does it waste energy going side to side? It does and it doesn’t. Rotation does use energy (only a small amount) however we are using the momentum of our stroke to get from one side to the other. Also, by rotating it allows you to anchor your hand in the water and to move past that anchor much faster and easier than you would by swimming flat. Thus faster swimming!

How far should I rotate? Depending on your ability, most elite swimmers will rotate to about 45 degrees. This doesn’t mean you can’t! It may take some practice before you get this angle comfortably, but it is worth the effort once you do. Long distance swimmers generally rotate more than a sprinter would. If you are racing a triathlon or more than 400 meters in the water, work hard to rotate as much as possible for a longer stroke. During sprinting, it is best to limit your rotation slightly in exchange for a higher stroke rate.

What is the best way to work on

Steps To A Tennis Speed Training Program

Proper Warm-Up and Cool-Down

Training for Tennis Speed is all about maximum effort and intensity, so a proper DYNAMIC warm-up (no static stretching in the warm up!) is ESSENTIAL as your muscles will be working at full capacity.

The rate of muscular contraction is very high during speed training so if you don’t take the time to warm up properly you really run the risk of injury.

The same can be said of the cool-down period after training.

The excessive contractions tend to shorten the muscles and produce waste products as the session progresses so you MUST performf a proper cool-down as this will help to stretch the muscles back to their original resting length and eliminate the presence of the waste products such as lactic acid.

Your cool-down should be similar to the warm-up except the warm up should start slowly at low intensities and build up whereas your cool-down should the be exact opposite (gradually slowing down) finishing with some static stretching.

A proper warm up and cool down will also significantly reduce the amount of muscle soreness that will occur a day or so after the session.


Become a Great Tennis Player

All tennis players should have a strong interest in fitness. At lower levels we are wanting to become fitter, tennis might help us do this. At higher levels we want to improve our fitness above and beyond that required for the game of tennis so we can excel to greater levels. Regardless of your level you will need to condition your body to prevent injury, adapt to the movements required on the court and develop your game.

A player will need to perform strength training specific to the muscles used in the game. Weight training for especially the upper body is imperative as it will help you develop more power in your shots. If you look at Agassi for instance he could bench press 140kgs almost twice his body weight. This is a phenomenal power to weight ratio.

Strength training also helps prevent injury. Tennis can unbalance muscles in the body which can lead to injuries down the track. Often the front shoulder and chest muscles are more developed then the back muscles. Also the more dominant arm is often more developed then the non dominant arm. Working back and non dominant arm muscles will

Improve Your Forehand In Tennis

If you have the basics of hitting a tennis forehand in place and now you want to improve it to another level try these tips:

  • For a solid compact swing, keep your right elbow close to your tummy at impact.
  • As you follow through make sure that the racket face is up in front of you and the contact surface is facing your opponent on its extension and rotational movement upward.
  • Make sure your stroke finishes shoulder high. Your arm at the elbow/forearm and your hand/racket form two 90 degree angles.
  • If you want to increase the speed of your stroke DO NOT hold the racket throat at the end of the swing with your non dominant hand. Let the racket head speed decrease naturally as you rotate trough the shot.
  • Ball speed depends on timing and acceleration, increase your racket head acceleration through the shot and you will increase ball speed.
  • Flatten your shots by hitting through the ball with less topspin, for accuracy and power.

Learn to Swim to a World Champion

The expectations on swimmers to train hard and often are very high, with a commitment to morning and afternoon sessions the norm. When a child moves into squad for the first time, they are introduced to competition swimming through a swimming club. Most swimming clubs belong to districts or local regions and have swimming competitions against each other.

Once they participate in competitions, they start setting goals of what they want to accomplish. Many swimmers who enjoy the sport set goals to represent their country at the Olympics or World Championships. It is this goal or ones similar that provide them with the drive to succeed at a young age. Goal setting is a very important part of being successful in any sport and in life. I have observed over many years parents who live their dreams through their kids and this often leads to an unhealthy relationship between the two, with the coach often caught in the middle. It is important that children have their own dreams and goals and are supported in trying to achieve them.

Most kids are pretty smart and they will work it out over time if their goals are realistic.

About Mental Tennis Leaping

We all have been programmed by others or by ourselves unconsciously.

Then after we hear something over and over again, our subconscious mind starts accepting it.

And never challenging it.

So now you will have to lose that fault self concept, that has been created and sold to you, by leaping over it mentally.

Decide that from today, you are not going to let anyone’s opinion of you or your mental game, determine your results in matches.

This is what it really boils down to, the sad fact is most tennis players never do this and they accept what has been taught to them as fact, which is crazy, it takes courage to make this MENTAL LEAP.

Which is why most tennis players never do it.

Never forget that your friends and sometime relatives are going to try to hold you back, and that’s just a part of life, but stand up for yourself and believe that you were made for more, because you were!

It’s time for a mental leap!!

Ask yourself questions that make you think and don’t accept anything by others or yourself, without questioning it!!

Summer Full of Swim Gear

One way that I try to get out of the heat for a few hours is to go and take a nice dip in the pool. It seems like swimming is more for kids than it is for adults, but I am one who still enjoys a nice pool day. Just to relax and cool off in the water is great way to spend an afternoon in my book. Children are the ones, however, who get to truly enjoy themselves. They have all the coolest swim gear to play with while they are in the pool. It is also pretty impossible to stay dry at all if you intend on reading a book by the pool. Come on and think about it, though. Pools are meant to be splashed in and it wouldn’t really be fair to ask the kids not to splash, right? That is like giving a child a bouncy ball and telling him or her not to bounce it. Once I have my swimming suit on, I welcome all the splashes I can get.

Make sure that if you live is an area of the country that gets pretty hot this time of the

Post Up Tennis Goals

Most junior players don’t reach their tennis goals because they are not posted up and in blindsight, for them to look at.

Out of sight, out of mind, is real, let me tell you.

Post up all of your goals somewhere that, you can look at them daily and meditate on them, to give you better focus and concentration.

A great time for doing this is in the morning and then one more time in the evening before going to bed.

Soak it in as best as you can and form a clear picture of yourself reaching your targets and doing it in your mind.

All things are created mentally first, so if you can’t see it, you can’t reach it.

By posting your goals up in your room.

You will unconsciously activate your subconscious mind.

And it will start attracting certain people, coaches, and things into your life, that will help you achieve your goals.

“Your goal with doing this is to make yourself a living magnet for what you want and stop pushing it away”.

Yes, you need to want to reach your goal bad and

Tennis Juniors Turning Pro

Let’s get right into this important information, because I value your time and I know you guys are busy with your schedules.

I used to teach tennis in japan and I saw many players go pro and then just mentally give up on themselves after a few years.

So, today I’ll give you a blueprint to follow and you can then adopt and adapt it for your playing career.

The main goal for every junior should be to get a tennis scholarship and then see how far they can take their competitive career from there.

They should not be thinking about turning pro at all.

Now of course they can make that a goal or a dream.

I have no problems with them doing that, but first things first, get that tennis scholarship.

There are more than 700 college tennis coaches looking for tennis players every year that can come into their programs and make them better.

So if you have the talent and want it bad enough, there is a tennis scholarship out there waiting for you.

I always use John McEnroe as an example, when I’m trying