Improve Golf Scores Fast

The short game usually ends up constituting more than half your score. You need to spend as much time as you can working on the wedge game and chip shots as this is one of the fastest ways to lower scores. In order to become a better putter you need to learn to develop a technique with good fundamentals and then stick with it. It can be tempting to change putting styles when you encounter a few rounds where you miss some easy putts. Remember that even the best putters can miss easy putts but they stay confident and believe the next putt will go in the hole. It is important to develop a selective memory in golf so you need to remember your great shots and learn from the bad ones as much as you can and then simply forget them.

If you want to avoid getting the yips then you need to learn to maintain confidence regardless of how bad the last putt ended up. Reading the greens is an important part of golf so you need to take enough time to see things from different angles and then develop a decisive first impression. If you find yourself doubting the break of the putt then you need to step away and start your routine over. Keep your mind quiet when over the ball and try to look and react to the target you select.

A good exercise to learning to keep the mind quiet is to focus on the tip of a pen and try to keep your mind sharply focused on that for a minute or two. This can be tough at the beginning since you will have other thoughts try to creep in but the more you try this exercise the easier and better you will get at it over time. Remember that your body can repeat a good golf swing with very little conscious thought so trust your swing or putting stroke and try to think of the target. Follow some of these tips to help you become a better golfer and shoot lower scores.