Front Side Tricks in Surfing

Frontside Cut Back Trick

The frontside cut back trick will enable you to get in to the source of the wave with the aid of the rail of your board. You will achieve more speed for your next hit this way.

Go down the line and choose the wave with a sloping shoulder. Enter as you lean harder on the rail making for more speed. Start up with a bottom turn reaching the flats. Drive up the wave in complete speed at an angle of 40 to 60 degrees.

Begin a cutback while in the middle of the wave by bending your knees and shifting the focus of your weight from the toe side rail to the heel side rail. Ensure low center of gravity by extending the leading arms while your upper body is twist to the direction you are turning to. If you apply pressure to the back foot, the front foot will guide the board through the turn

While halfway in the turn, be low on the board, touch the face of the wave with leading arm, you will get control of a pivot point, while creating a tight powerful curve. Watch the tip of the board, straighten your back leg, focus your weight on the front leg that is fully bent, turn the board towards the white waters and finish the turn. Watch the waves while low on board and catch up with the next bottom turn or trick.

Frontside Roundhouse

To start up with a Frontside Roundhouse trick you should enter down the line, start up with a floater and you should catch up with the lip of the wave. Identify the section of the wave that will not break (or) the section that is flat enough. Start up with a bottom turn at an angle of 40 to 50 degree full speed up the wave with the aid of the back leg. This should be right in front of the foam ball enabling a turn hitting the edge of the wave with your backhand before the wave passes you.

While in the mid wave, by changing the focus of your body weight to the edge of your heel side you will be initiating a roundhouse. Turn your head with rail accurately focused, and leading arm reaching for the waters. You will complete the first turn when you drive the waves with your back foot guided by your front foot. Head back to the foam ball and perform a backside bottom turn. Travel as vertical as possible bounce back off the foam and continue with the next bottom turn with the speed gained.

Frontside Floaters

Frontside floaters are great to create sections in waves and to finish off any wave. Floaters are simple. Identify the edge lip, travel in the lip, re-enter back in to the wave. Start with the section that is about to break. While in the middle of the wave bottom turn at 20 or 30 degrees, stay on the top of the lip, move forward. Come out of the edge and make the best bottom turn when the wave slows down.