Ball Position in Golf

Initial position

You have to have some guidelines on first placing the ball. There is a very narrow stretch of area suitable for this. This area lies between the left of your left shoulder and the right of your nose. This is more of a matter of precision. Gradually, as you become an experienced golfer, this will come naturally to you.

Use the same position

This is an important trick that not many people will tell you about. This is an effective way to keep control over the distance. No matter what club you are using for your game, ensure that the ball is kept in the same spot. But how do you address the issue of the club length then? All you have to do here is adjust your stance width. Changing stance width and static ball position together will give you good control.

Upper strike? No!

Keep this point carefully in mind. It is a common misconception that a vertical strike is going to help the ball go airborne and thus a father distance. You need a big trajectory, true. But for that, you need a downward stroke that will give the ball more spin. This is a very effective formula, remember this!

Driver club

The driver club is the longest of the lot. How do you deal with this? This requires a game which is played inside the front foot. This gives the ball a bigger trajectory that takes it farther rather than just imparting a downward stroke. Sometimes, it is advisable to move the ball half an inch with every increasing club length.

Short irons

When you are dealing with short irons, ensure that the ball is placed in such a way that it stays in line with the centre of your measured stance. How does this help? This makes the ball go higher up in the air, being struck at a steeper angle.