About River Surfing Gear


No single board works well for all conditions. Instead, most surfers will develop a set of boards that work well in their area. Some start with traditional ocean boards, but it’s not an easy way to start. It’ll be easier to learn if you start with something with more volume and a larger planing area than most ocean shortboards, and less length than the long soft top boards that most ocean surfers start out on so you can fit onto the wave. Look for soft top boards with significant rocker.

Save fiberglass boards for when you have your feet under you a little better, and don’t drive your board into the rocks quite so often.


Helmets are nearly mandatory at just about every river wave. Look for something whitewater specific rather than a bike or climbing helmet.


Wearing a leash is th eeasiest way to get killed river surfing. If you feel like you need a leash, get something as a quick release around your waist.


A PFD is a good idea in high-volume rivers, particularly if you’re in a situation where you may be held down for a while.


Some foot protection is going to be important; most rivers are shallow and many urban corridors will have glass and other trash in the rivers that will cut up your feet if you’re not careful. You need to look for a trade-off between protection and feel for the board; generally you can get away with something thinner than most people kayak with, but test things out for yourself to see how much thickness you want.


Unless you’re only surfing in the heart of summer, eventually you’re going to need something more than swim trunks to keep you warm. Wetsuits are the way to go here; a 2:3 wetsuit (2mm on the arms and 3 mm on the chest) can keep you warm enough for many conditions, though a 3:4 wetsuit isn’t a bad idea if you’re surfing in a colder climate. If you want to do things the hardcore route and surf through the winter, you may be in the market for a drysuit. They’re pricy, but they’re worth it if you’re building up ice on the banks or on yourself.

Surfer vs Paddleboarder

The paddle board manufacturers make a special paddle for paddle boarding that has a elbow in it to maximize forward movement. It is so efficient that it can act as a motor and causes paddle boarders to be able to catch waves farther out and quicker than their surfing brethren. So, it is important to remember surfing etiquette when paddle boarding to ensure that everyone has a good time. Do not just zip in and steal a wave because your board is faster. Paddle out and join the line of people waiting on the next wave. It is the polite thing to do and if you do not get out and mingle with the others, you are missing out on a big benefit of the sport. Paddle Boarder is especially maddening to surfers when the waves are low because even on a dead calm day a paddle boarder can head out and get some exercise while the surfers are stuck on the beach.

It is essentially a battle between the old and the new. Places like Ventura coast is known for its waves and still has a large crowd of dedicated surfers but other beaches are seeing more and more paddle boards. Mainly because it was brought to California by one of the legends of surfing, if he had not introduced it, it probably wouldn’t have caught on like it did. Before Larid Hamilton popularized it in California it was mainly a Hawaiian past time. Now that it is here to stay, paddle board retailers are finding it difficult to keep up with demand.

It is also much easier for people of all ages to engage in than surfing. Surfing requires a pretty decent level of athleticism and balance to master. Paddle boarding is just as good of an exercise outlet but it is easier to maneuver using the paddle. People from 10 to 70 are able to get out on the ocean or even a quiet lake and putter around on a stand up paddle board to enjoy the day.

Ways to Take Your Golf Practice to the Course

  • Change targets frequently. On the golf course, you rarely hit two balls in a row to the same exact target. Practice hitting to a different target with each shot. This has application whether with the full swing, pitching, chipping, or in the bunker. Each shot is thought through and executed as a unique entity- just like on the course.
  • Change clubs frequently. On the golf course, you rarely hit two balls in a row with the same club. If you regularly hit your 7-iron three or four times in a row on the course, your game is in big trouble! However, this is how people practice. Changing clubs regularly- say every second or third shot- is a good way to approximate what it feels like to be on the course.
  • Use your pre-shot routine more frequently. Preparation for each shot on the course and preparation for each shot on the range are generally vastly different for most players. This creates a rhythm that’s different, a thinking process that’s different, and a result that’s different!
  • Putt using one ball. You are not given the luxury of hitting the same putt two or three times on the course. Yet many people drop two or three putts and stroke the same putt over and over to the same target. Practice using just one ball- with a full read- to create an environment that’s similar to the golf course.

It is true that early in the process of learning one’s swing it is sometimes helpful to hit the same club to the same target without a pre-shot. However, once you are ready to go play, make sure that you’re preparing yourself to deal with some of the same sensations that you have on the golf course!

Post Up Tennis Goals

Most junior players don’t reach their tennis goals because they are not posted up and in blindsight, for them to look at.

Out of sight, out of mind, is real, let me tell you.

Post up all of your goals somewhere that, you can look at them daily and meditate on them, to give you better focus and concentration.

A great time for doing this is in the morning and then one more time in the evening before going to bed.

Soak it in as best as you can and form a clear picture of yourself reaching your targets and doing it in your mind.

All things are created mentally first, so if you can’t see it, you can’t reach it.

By posting your goals up in your room.

You will unconsciously activate your subconscious mind.

And it will start attracting certain people, coaches, and things into your life, that will help you achieve your goals.

“Your goal with doing this is to make yourself a living magnet for what you want and stop pushing it away”.

Yes, you need to want to reach your goal bad and yes, you will need to put in the work on the court.

But, you can’t be sending out the wrong energy while doing it (like most players do) and I think, this is why they don’t reach their goals.

They push away the exact thing that they want, by working for one thing, but expecting something else.

The power of expectation is what really counts here because what you expect from your efforts will determine how well you perform on the court.

You should never go into a tennis match, feeling like you can’t beat another player.

Winning in your mind is 85% of the mental battle and never forget that tennis is all mental.

We are in June right now, so you need to get serious and think about this.

How many of your goals have you reached this year?

How many are posted up?

Your answer will determine your results.

Good luck guys!!

Playing Golf With Kids

Make It Fun

You may consider golf as the greatest game on earth, but there is no guarantee that your child would harbor the same feeling toward the sport. It is therefore extremely important to present the game in a fun format. Instead of getting them chained to too much technicalities, give them freedom to do whatever they want to, whack the ball the way they wish, and simply enjoy. By focusing on the fun aspects of the game initially, you can make your little one come back for more, and THAT is the first step to the making of a golfer.

Play Cool Mind Games

Children tend to get easily bored, while learning the basics of swings and drives. You need to have a lot patience and resilience. Encourage them when they try, and appreciate them wholeheartedly when they succeed. Enthusiasm is infectious, so make a display of it! If your child sees that you are enjoying it, then chances are they’ll be touched by your fervor, too.

Talk Their Language

Information overload is a big NO, when it comes to teaching golf to tiny tots. Instead of wasting the whole golfing glossary on them, use words they understand. Therefore it’s not going to be a big deal if ‘wide arc’ becomes ‘big circle’ or a ‘descending blow’ is described as ‘thumping the ground’ during a training session. If you throw too much complex instructions to them, you run the risk of turning a fun time into task hours, subsequently losing their interests in the game.

Reward Them

Always reward them for coming to the golf course to keep their spirits up. Don’t make them wait for what they have earned. Get across the message that learning is not only fun, but also rewarding. Even if they fail to take the shots up to your expectation, still give them something to bring out the best in them.

Carlton Badminton Rackets

The new Carlton range features the Fireblade and Aeroblade series, which recently replaced the old Powerblades and Airblades. The prices range from £80 for the flagship Fireblade Elite, to around £30 for the bottom of the Aeroblade range. A welcome addition to the Carlton range is the isometric head shape. Almost all the range have this alternative, and is comparable to the Yonex rackets. The isometric head offers an increased sweet spot, making off centre shots a little more forgiving, and helping you to gain more consistent power.

The Fireblade range has proved to be a huge success, and is geared towards more advanced players. The Aeroblade rackets are aimed at intermediate players, but in all honesty, if you have good technique, you can use just about any badminton racket and be successful.

In the past, Carlton have had some quality problems, especially where the shaft meets the handle. A little glue usually sorts this out, but really you should not have to do this. You can contact Carlton, and you will get a response. As long as you have not destroyed the racket, you should get a replacement.

Now that Carlton have these new ranges, the old Powerblade and Airblade rackets will slowly be phased out. This provides a great opportunity to save some cash, as these badminton rackets will have big discounts if you look hard enough.

The technology in the most expensive Carlton’s is nanopulse carbon, which can also be seen in many Yonex rackets. Nano technology is the most popular at the moment, until the next generation comes along, which happens every couple of years.

Golf Short Game Tips For Lower Scoring

Chipping around the greens is an often overlooked aspect to the game of golf. The best players always try to make the shot every time they are around the greens. Ball position during chipping is very important to ensure that you make solid contact. Your feet should point to the left of the target at a 45 degree angle with the ball placed parallel to the right foot. This setup is ideal for most chips as it will promote a descending blow to the ball which will allow the ball to come out of the rough quickly with maximum spin and control. Bump and run shots are often the best option to go with unless you have no green to work with and have to rely on the flop shot. The one key difference with the flop shot is ball placement which should be more towards the middle of the stance or aligned with the left foot (right handed players). You will most likely want to use a 60 degree or more lofted wedge for flop shots and also be sure the lie is not too tight and allows you to get under the ball.

Putting the ball well is definitely another key aspect within the short the game. Learning to putt well is mainly a mental challenge as most people have the physical ability to be great putters. Maintaining high levels of confidence is critical to being a great putter so make sure to spend a lot of time on putts inside 10 feet as this will allow you to see many putts go in the hole which will assist in building confidence levels. When you face a long putt be sure to see the ball going the hole on the last few rotations, do not aim for large targets on long putts like a 3 foot circle as this can increase your margin for error.

Front Side Tricks in Surfing

Frontside Cut Back Trick

The frontside cut back trick will enable you to get in to the source of the wave with the aid of the rail of your board. You will achieve more speed for your next hit this way.

Go down the line and choose the wave with a sloping shoulder. Enter as you lean harder on the rail making for more speed. Start up with a bottom turn reaching the flats. Drive up the wave in complete speed at an angle of 40 to 60 degrees.

Begin a cutback while in the middle of the wave by bending your knees and shifting the focus of your weight from the toe side rail to the heel side rail. Ensure low center of gravity by extending the leading arms while your upper body is twist to the direction you are turning to. If you apply pressure to the back foot, the front foot will guide the board through the turn

While halfway in the turn, be low on the board, touch the face of the wave with leading arm, you will get control of a pivot point, while creating a tight powerful curve. Watch the tip of the board, straighten your back leg, focus your weight on the front leg that is fully bent, turn the board towards the white waters and finish the turn. Watch the waves while low on board and catch up with the next bottom turn or trick.

Frontside Roundhouse

To start up with a Frontside Roundhouse trick you should enter down the line, start up with a floater and you should catch up with the lip of the wave. Identify the section of the wave that will not break (or) the section that is flat enough. Start up with a bottom turn at an angle of 40 to 50 degree full speed up the wave with the aid of the back leg. This should be right in front of the foam ball enabling a turn hitting the edge of the wave with your backhand before the wave passes you.

While in the mid wave, by changing the focus of your body weight to the edge of your heel side you will be initiating a roundhouse. Turn your head with rail accurately focused, and leading arm reaching for the waters. You will complete the first turn when you drive the waves with your back foot guided by your front foot. Head back to the foam ball and perform a backside bottom turn. Travel as vertical as possible bounce back off the foam and continue with the next bottom turn with the speed gained.

Frontside Floaters

Frontside floaters are great to create sections in waves and to finish off any wave. Floaters are simple. Identify the edge lip, travel in the lip, re-enter back in to the wave. Start with the section that is about to break. While in the middle of the wave bottom turn at 20 or 30 degrees, stay on the top of the lip, move forward. Come out of the edge and make the best bottom turn when the wave slows down.

Golf Course Amenities For Women

Rejuvenate Yourself in a Plush Resort Spa

When you choose to relax in one of the best golf resort spas, it’s a feeling that you will treasure forever. After a challenging round of the game, simply hit the spa to lighten up and manage stress. If you are interested in finding solace and want to rediscover yourself, a golf club spa is an ideal place to soothe your tired nerves. Let the healing touch of a trained masseuse help you revitalize. Get a relaxing head, face, foot or full body massage before you hit the fairways.

You can also choose from beneficial and invigorating skin treatments to gratify your senses. Opt for facials and anti-aging therapies to cure skin problems. Look young and replenished. You will also love the serene spa ambiance created with the use of healing colors and hot stone therapy.

Take a Dip in the Pool

Once you reach the resort after the game or after some hectic sightseeing, you are bound to feel exhausted. This is the perfect time to take a cool dip in the club’s swimming pool. Do not forget to ask for a glass of refreshing Mojito or a Long island Ice Tea before you splash out.

Ladies not playing can simply relax and have fun in the swimming pool by socializing with other women, who, too, are here to unwind. Plan a great pool party during your stay. Not in a mood to mingle? You can stay hale and hearty by enrolling in one of the swimming exercise classes. These classes are managed by certified and experienced staff who help you work out in a safe environment. Choose aqua aerobics classes which are ideal for women of all ages.

Head for the Fitness Center

When it comes to visiting a golf resort’s fitness center, women often yearn for group glasses for yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises. If you get a single-sex facility, there is nothing like it. You can interact with other like-minded ladies and build your connections. If it’s a corporate event, you can network with top female executives while sweating out in the gym, just like men. If you are a member or have chosen the best stay and play package, expect to make the most of a comprehensive fitness program. Be it power yoga, nutrition counseling or body weight exercises, you get all. Get a perfect body to make heads turn!

Tennis Juniors Turning Pro

Let’s get right into this important information, because I value your time and I know you guys are busy with your schedules.

I used to teach tennis in japan and I saw many players go pro and then just mentally give up on themselves after a few years.

So, today I’ll give you a blueprint to follow and you can then adopt and adapt it for your playing career.

The main goal for every junior should be to get a tennis scholarship and then see how far they can take their competitive career from there.

They should not be thinking about turning pro at all.

Now of course they can make that a goal or a dream.

I have no problems with them doing that, but first things first, get that tennis scholarship.

There are more than 700 college tennis coaches looking for tennis players every year that can come into their programs and make them better.

So if you have the talent and want it bad enough, there is a tennis scholarship out there waiting for you.

I always use John McEnroe as an example, when I’m trying to drive home this point to kids and parents.

“John first went to college and still played in some pro tournaments, then he won the NCAA title and after that, when he saw that staying in school wouldn’t help advance his career and that he was mentally ready to go pro, he left and the rest is history.”

All tennis junior players should have a goal to get a tennis scholarship.

That means some juniors could stay for 3 or 4 years and get their degree, which is even better for their future security.

Again, there are a few exceptions to the rule!!

But here are the facts.

The majority of junior players will be late boomers, “They won’t get a feel for the game and their mental game until the age of 24 or older!!!

Hope that information there can help some of you guys.

Please be sure to like and share!!

And best of luck to you guys too!!