Play Badminton Correctly

You must first decide on what scoring method you will apply in the game. Then you get a coin and toss it in the air to know who will serve first. If you are the server you must position yourself in the right side of the court and will hit the shuttle cock to the left side of your opponent’s court. You must position the shuttle below your hip during the serve.

You just hit the shuttle towards the opposite side and you do it repeatedly until it drops to the ground. You will gain one point if the shuttle cock dropped on your opponent’s court side. You will win the game if you get 21 points. Court switching is mandatory and you will have to win two games to be declared the winner.

You will earn one point each time your opponent dropped the shuttle cock after you hit it. Whoever gets 21 points first will win that specific set. You need to win 2 out of the 3 games so that you will be declared as the winner.

In order for you to win the game you must do some techniques. You can hit the shuttlecock towards the corner of the court for your opponent to have difficulty recovering it. When your opponent hits the shuttle cock, hit the shuttle cock back on his opposite direction and make it forceful and fast. Another thing is you should not make predictable moves.

Badminton is a fun activity and can also keep you fit and healthy. You will need enough time to be an expert in this sport. You will have to practice rigidly to master the sport. Always be patient and be determined. You must not forget to enjoy the game and keep positive thoughts in your mind.

How to Windsurf

These essentials are meant to hand you with a general outlook and give you the basic understanding of what the whole of windsurfing is all about. For example a windsurfing board designed for the leaner is meant to be used to become skilled at windsurfing, although it will not be purely good for a first time user. As soon as you are through with the primary lessons, this is when you should begin to look for those equipments that you will use to progress through windsurfing.

There are five essential levels of expertise required for the first time learner of windsurfing. As a learner, you should begin by knowing everything about posture, stability, vision, trim, and force. These will be what will determine if you are going to go through the lessons successfully. Remember that there may be so many terms associated with these essentials and you will have to study these when you make your first lessons. As soon as you are skilled in all the essentials relating to the five steps above, you can progress to the second stage.

What will be taught at the second stage will include features such as direction, rotating, velocity, tricks and wave. What is very important about taking lessons on these five essential points is that almost every further lesson that you will meet will be based on these points. This is the more reason why you ought to study these five essentials very well ahead of getting to a further level.

There is no way in which you will be able to safeguard your own health or even succeed in most of the windsurfing lessons if you do not have the accurate equipments. This is equally true of any activity done in water. If you have decided that windsurfing should be your most favorite pastime, remember to go in for equipments that are durable. Keep in mind that you have to go in for what will last. Remember also that a life jacket is the first consideration when talking about your safety. The type that you buy will also depend on your weight and how you fit into it.

Extra essential equipment that should protect your safety is a head covering, but that is specifically meant for use in water. Remember to always put on this head covering when you do windsurfing. Keep in mind that in most areas, it is even a statutory requirement that you must put on your windsurfing helmet ahead of getting into the waters. The helmet should not also be very heavy and you should make sure that you are comfortable putting it on. Remember that you will be putting it on for a long time in water. Therefore comfort should be an important consideration. You will definitely need a windsurfing outfit. Remember that you will be wet at all times in water. Remember to go in for what you will find comfortable wearing and what will keep you warm. The waters may be too cold for your liking.

Surf Camp That Suits You

If you are not sure about your interest, there is no need to get top of the range equipment. However, make sure you have the right items before you get there. The more advanced you get, you will find that there are still as many places to visit, but here you will be in the same group as people who have reached the same level of proficiency as you have. Before booking, it will be best to check that you are going to the right place.

This is so because you do not want to end up feeling like an outsider and not getting the most out of the time you spend at surf camp. Camps will have an expert on hand to let you know whether or not the camp is suitable for you and may even suggest others if theirs is not. There will be a couple of ways to find a site that is suitable. You can either look up an area that you want to visit and see what is available there or select the level that you want and then see which of the locations is preferable.

As well as ability, there is cost to consider and this needs to be taken seriously as there could be other events that you want to try in the area. For many people, the main attraction is the knowledge that the people running the camp have the same interest as them, and a desire to help them improve their art. The environment needs to be friendly all the time and if going to another country it will be worth checking if any of the instructors or staff speak your language.

Even if you are a good surfer, there may be times when you need help and knowing that all instructors are trained to the highest degree, and that they consider the safety of the visitors as the most important part of their job. All the time that you are in the water having lessons, you will be accompanied by an instructor – as long as you choose a well-run company to deal with.

Now that you have decided on the best surf camp for you, all you need to do is check that you have the right equipment and that you know how to get to the location with your possessions intact. With a little research, you will be able to sort out the perfect stay at a surf camp and come away a much better surfer than you were when you arrived.

Improve Your Forehand In Tennis

If you have the basics of hitting a tennis forehand in place and now you want to improve it to another level try these tips:

  • For a solid compact swing, keep your right elbow close to your tummy at impact.
  • As you follow through make sure that the racket face is up in front of you and the contact surface is facing your opponent on its extension and rotational movement upward.
  • Make sure your stroke finishes shoulder high. Your arm at the elbow/forearm and your hand/racket form two 90 degree angles.
  • If you want to increase the speed of your stroke DO NOT hold the racket throat at the end of the swing with your non dominant hand. Let the racket head speed decrease naturally as you rotate trough the shot.
  • Ball speed depends on timing and acceleration, increase your racket head acceleration through the shot and you will increase ball speed.
  • Flatten your shots by hitting through the ball with less topspin, for accuracy and power.

About Custom Golf Carts

Do you want a gas or electric powered cart? Gas carts are noisier, require more maintenance and have been banned in some states; however, they have more horsepower and can run longer on a single tank of gas than the average battery can last. They are also ideal for uneven terrain and can even pull and tow. The battery powered carts are less expensive to operate and are better for the environment. However, they must be recharged after a full day of use and do not typically have the ability to tow something.

What type of body do you want it to have? From size to color, there is a variety of choices available. Talk to the dealer to learn what offerings there are.

Do you want to have an affixed windshield? Depending on where you live, this could be important. If going for a custom cart, this is a great feature.

What about a radio? If you are a music lover, this would also be a nice feature to include.

Seat material – Customize your cart by opting for leather or a specific fabric. You could keep it the standard white, or opt for a logo or other pattern.

How many seats? You can choose to have one seat, rear facing seats, or even an extra row of seats. The choice is yours.

Headlights – If you will be driving at night or where low visibility is an issue, these will be important. You will also want to learn if headlights are required in your area.

Can you see? In addition to headlights, many custom golf carts have side and rear-view mirrors added so drivers have better visibility.

The golf cart – no longer is it only found parked near the 18th hole. Today, you can have a custom golf cart to meet your needs and specs.

Learn to Swim to a World Champion

The expectations on swimmers to train hard and often are very high, with a commitment to morning and afternoon sessions the norm. When a child moves into squad for the first time, they are introduced to competition swimming through a swimming club. Most swimming clubs belong to districts or local regions and have swimming competitions against each other.

Once they participate in competitions, they start setting goals of what they want to accomplish. Many swimmers who enjoy the sport set goals to represent their country at the Olympics or World Championships. It is this goal or ones similar that provide them with the drive to succeed at a young age. Goal setting is a very important part of being successful in any sport and in life. I have observed over many years parents who live their dreams through their kids and this often leads to an unhealthy relationship between the two, with the coach often caught in the middle. It is important that children have their own dreams and goals and are supported in trying to achieve them.

Most kids are pretty smart and they will work it out over time if their goals are realistic. It is important that they set short-term goals in place that lead towards their major goal. This is vital if they are to remain interested in the sport over time.

So I suggest you support your children with their goals and be there for them along the way. Let them dream and set their own goals and remember, always love your child unconditionally, regardless of their swimming performance.

About Mental Tennis Leaping

We all have been programmed by others or by ourselves unconsciously.

Then after we hear something over and over again, our subconscious mind starts accepting it.

And never challenging it.

So now you will have to lose that fault self concept, that has been created and sold to you, by leaping over it mentally.

Decide that from today, you are not going to let anyone’s opinion of you or your mental game, determine your results in matches.

This is what it really boils down to, the sad fact is most tennis players never do this and they accept what has been taught to them as fact, which is crazy, it takes courage to make this MENTAL LEAP.

Which is why most tennis players never do it.

Never forget that your friends and sometime relatives are going to try to hold you back, and that’s just a part of life, but stand up for yourself and believe that you were made for more, because you were!

It’s time for a mental leap!!

Ask yourself questions that make you think and don’t accept anything by others or yourself, without questioning it!!

This starts with you as a player.

You must create the mental image of the players that you want to become in your mind, then start acting and playing like you are already that player.

Then getting in tune with that image.

Be brave enough to act even when you are afraid on court, have faith in your mental game.

The mental leap is having faith in yourself, when no one else does.

Very few players are able to do this and what happens is this, ,

They never reach their full potential as players.

One time my high school coach told us this, ,

Tennis will reveal and then build character, but only if the player is willing to put forth the mental effort, to make it happen.

That statement is so true!!

And that’s a very important thing to keep in mind, when making this psychological leap with your tennis game.

Everything is mental in sports and in life and the more you face your fears with courage, the more you will feel mentally powerful.


Because when you face fears, you control them, and when you avoid them, they control YOU!!

Fear can and is holding millions of tennis players back as I write this article, and that is why I’m asking you here today, to make the mental leap by jumping over your fears.

Good luck my friend!!

Article Source: http://.com/9351396

Badminton Rackets and Injuries

I have taken a close look at the research on racquet science, and a few key terms seem to be related to how we acquire injuries directly from playing with certain badminton racquets.

The first term that came up was work. Work is the energy required to produce a certain shuttle speed. It measures the efficiency of the badminton racquet. The more efficient your badminton racket is, the less work you need to put in. So a low work racket is good for you. A high work racquet is bad because you have to put in more work to achieve the same shuttle speed. Think of work as the rackets power.

Another key term is shock, which is the loading of the racquet from a sudden change in kinetic energy. It relates to how much the racket slows down on impact with the shuttlecock. After impact energy is lost, the shuttle gets some of this energy, and the rest is used in bending the frame. If the frame is very stiff, it will not absorb this energy, instead, it will be dumped into your arm. High shock is bad for injuries.

The research has proved that the best type of racquet to use to attain maximum power is one that is heavy with a head light balance. More mass placed close to the handle allows makes it easier to swing. More mass placed at the tip makes it more difficult to swing. Think of how hard it is to swing a sledgehammer, with all that weight placed at one end. Now, if you hold the sledgehammer with the weight placed in your hands, it is much easier to swing.

There are two schools of thought involving weight. Some argue that a light racket will allow you to swing faster, and therefore create more velocity on impact, resulting in faster shuttle speed. The other side of the argument is that a heavy racket will have more mass on impact, despite less swing speed, and this extra weight will create the necessary shuttle speed. However, momentum is what counts in a collision.

The lightweight racket will slow down much quicker after impact, putting more stress on your shoulder. You have to put in more work to get the shuttle speed with light racquets. Faster swing speed means less control. Over time this lightweight racket will demolish your arm compared to a heavier one. The heavy racket will not slow down as much after impact, and so less strain is placed on you.

The modern trend in all racket sports is to have light rackets with a head heavy balance. At first glance it seems this is a good combination to create power. More mass at the top will help the racket to crush through the shuttle on impact. However, more mass at the tip makes it more difficult to swing. Remember the sledgehammer example? It requires more effort on your part, you have to work harder to achieve the same shuttle speed as a heavy, head light racquet. Also, head heavy rackets feel sluggish and slow.

Here is the low down… Head light and heavy is best for performance, and best for avoiding injury.

As an example i have looked at the balance and weight specifications for the most popular badminton manufacturer, Yonex. Not one Yonex model has a head light balance, many of them are head heavy such as the muscle power series, whilst the nanospeed series appears to be slightly head heavy. What makes these rackets even worse for injury is that many of them have stiff frames, which increases vibration.

Summer Full of Swim Gear

One way that I try to get out of the heat for a few hours is to go and take a nice dip in the pool. It seems like swimming is more for kids than it is for adults, but I am one who still enjoys a nice pool day. Just to relax and cool off in the water is great way to spend an afternoon in my book. Children are the ones, however, who get to truly enjoy themselves. They have all the coolest swim gear to play with while they are in the pool. It is also pretty impossible to stay dry at all if you intend on reading a book by the pool. Come on and think about it, though. Pools are meant to be splashed in and it wouldn’t really be fair to ask the kids not to splash, right? That is like giving a child a bouncy ball and telling him or her not to bounce it. Once I have my swimming suit on, I welcome all the splashes I can get.

Make sure that if you live is an area of the country that gets pretty hot this time of the year that you know where the nearest pool is. Take some time for you alone or if you have kids, bring them along with you to the pool. You will have such a great time remembering what life was like when you were little and got to go swimming. Those are some of the best summer memories that I have. To make sure that your kids don’t fight over whose turn it is to use the swim goggles to go “deep sea diving,” please get enough swim gear to go around. This will save you and the rest of us at the pool because we’ll hear more laughing than arguing. Most pools offer swim lessons also if you or your children need to get some better swimming skills. Now, go out there and have a great, wet summer!

Improve Golf Scores Fast

The short game usually ends up constituting more than half your score. You need to spend as much time as you can working on the wedge game and chip shots as this is one of the fastest ways to lower scores. In order to become a better putter you need to learn to develop a technique with good fundamentals and then stick with it. It can be tempting to change putting styles when you encounter a few rounds where you miss some easy putts. Remember that even the best putters can miss easy putts but they stay confident and believe the next putt will go in the hole. It is important to develop a selective memory in golf so you need to remember your great shots and learn from the bad ones as much as you can and then simply forget them.

If you want to avoid getting the yips then you need to learn to maintain confidence regardless of how bad the last putt ended up. Reading the greens is an important part of golf so you need to take enough time to see things from different angles and then develop a decisive first impression. If you find yourself doubting the break of the putt then you need to step away and start your routine over. Keep your mind quiet when over the ball and try to look and react to the target you select.

A good exercise to learning to keep the mind quiet is to focus on the tip of a pen and try to keep your mind sharply focused on that for a minute or two. This can be tough at the beginning since you will have other thoughts try to creep in but the more you try this exercise the easier and better you will get at it over time. Remember that your body can repeat a good golf swing with very little conscious thought so trust your swing or putting stroke and try to think of the target. Follow some of these tips to help you become a better golfer and shoot lower scores.