About Tennis Under Pressure

If you can’t make them under pressure, it doesn’t matter, does it?

We are talking about being able to execute your shots under pressure.

Many coaches never bring up this topic to their players and I can’t understand why.


Here are a few tips for dealing with pressure better on the court.


When juniors are under pressure, they sometimes stop breathing during points.

I have seen this play out on video and the player is always shocked when they see themselves doing it after.

So, next time you are in a match and feeling the pressure, breathe deeply for 25 seconds.

Inhale on a long count, hold it, then release it for a long count also.

After doing this 4 times, your breathing should be smooth and normal again.

Detach From The Outcome

This is the most important tip that every tennis player should learn on their own or be told by someone.

Never get emotionally attached to winning or anything else for that matter.

Everything is energy and you are either attracting what you want or you are pushing it away by the energy that you are radiating at in, any giving moment.

This is always the most important key to getting anything that you want in life, on the court or off it.

Of course you want to meditate too on a daily basis.

Why not meditate, on those 2 tips for 1 month straight.

Just remember.

You can never run away from pressure.