About Match Play Tip

You must master your emotions during play, by changing your attitude towards competition, see, tennis warriors embrace the challenge, and other players shrink from it.

The best way to improve your match play, is to start in practice as I have said before, bring it everyday with your intensity and passion for the game, and never tolerate any weakness from yourself.

Hit the court with a clear game plan in mind and make sure you get everything done before you finish that day.

Also, stop mentally playing matches in your mind before you actually have to play them, that means don’t think and worry about the match over and over again in your mind, before you play it, this only builds up more stress and anxiety in your mental game.

But, when you do think about the match, see yourself playing your best tennis and relax by breathing deeply when you do this.

This is great mental training too.

So on match day, what should you do?

Get in the right frame of mind from the time you wake up, start the day like a Champion, eat right and think the right thoughts, until you step out there. Their mind is clear and focused and not filled with FEAR.

If you feel nervous before a match, just meditate for about 5 minutes.

When the match starts, used powerful body language to get the advantage over your opponent, when they look at you, they should see a very confident and fearless player.

Which is the message that you want to be sending them!

The rule in match play is the same all over, no free or cheap points, make your opponent EARN the point.

After you play it, let go of it and refocus on the next one. Always feel as though you are getting in the flow with your matches, then build on that flow.

Get your first serve in and don’t miss any return at the start of a match, then work the point and on the first opportunity, take control of the point and finish it off.

The goal is to play every point with a clear and calm mindset, while giving all effort. Do this by showing mental toughness, regardless of what the score is.

Every match is going to flow in many different directions, try to get in the flow of the match from the get go and if you are out of flow, make sure you slow things down, until you can get back in the flow, so never try to rush through a point, too many players make this mistake and it always backfires on them.

Take your time on big points and get a GOOD LOOK at it, (meaning play it solid).

Match play is about taking control over your opponent and keeping it, this will result in your opponent getting frustrated and giving up mentally.

And you winning the match.